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I know you decided to stop by because of my headline. Well, you are warmly welcome.

Let me quickly help you with the true identity of that guy you are calling your boo.

Few hours back, I was returning from a filling station where a bought petrol to power my generator. On my way back, I overheard two young ladies discussing as quiet as they can, not knowing to them that I heard all that they were saying.

The first lady was like;
‘Sebi I told you that we should not go, you insisted that we must go. Now you see the outcome’
The other lady: ‘Are you now trying to cast the whole blame on me? Or have you forgotten that you are the first to fall in love with him’

(At this Junction, I grabbed the concept of their conversation, and I decided to stylishly slow down the rate at which I walk so as to enable me to grab more points from their discussion)

When I patiently listen to their conversations, I discovered that a young guy as successfully tricked the both of them and had Sex with the two of them the same day, same time, same house, even on the same bed! All in the name of  assignment.

What a disgrace to womanhood!

Who Is That Your Boyfriend I know Who He Is

Like seriously, ladies you need to think. This is getting too much!

Wait, if I may ask; what is your aim in life? What are you even up to?
Do you think you will achieve your goal in life with that path you are trending on?

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See, you need to change, you can still change. Probably you think it’s too late to turn a new leaf? No!
In fact, NOW is the right time for you to change.
Remember, a real woman will plane for her future, a real woman makes her own decisions in life, now what are you? Are you the fool or the wise one?

So you think opening your legs for him to penetrate deep in you is a sign to prove your love for him? Or do you think to give him all Sex style will make his love for you stronger?
Now I see where you are getting things wrong.

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Who Is That Your Boyfriend? I know Who He Is

Now hold that your gadget very well, as you are about to read the hidden truth about him.

May I shock you? He doesn’t love you. Stop wasting your precious substances, he only lusts after you.
He is not falling in love with you, but rather falling for your pussy.

Pre-marital Sex won’t add any value to you, neither will it add to your relationship, but rather depreciate your value. Me personally, I will never Marry a lady without value.

Have you ever wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same? See, guys are not fools. Our reasoning faculty comes to play whenever matters like this arise.

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Can’t you stay single? Will you die without a boyfriend or without boyfriends? Will you die without been get fucked a week?
Can’t you preserve yourself for that lucky (God-send) man? Why molesting yourself here and there?
I guess you are beginning to feel somehow uncomfortable with my Questions. Yeah, it’s normal.

Wait don’t go, am telling you the hidden fact that am very sure no guy will tell you.

Come to think of this; he has been sleeping with you for the past two (2) years and you think he will marry you as his full housewife?
He impregnated you four good consecutive times and and you keep on aborting those babies and you still have the gut to call him your future partner. Indeed a fallacy.

More Tips: 

Don’t you think you are wasting your precious time, energy, resources and other valuable things by clipping yourself around with that due you call your boo, a guy that is only after your pus*y, a guy that will not stand by you when the time of trial comes. A guy that is only using you to satisfy his Sexual wish.
You don’t have to pin your hope on him; you need to act spick and span.
I have come to discover that majority of now our days’ ladies are moving into relationship majorly because of peers, of which is a very bad habit to adhere to.

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Comparisons to other people can destroy you; the only comparisons that you should make are to the woman you were, the woman you are, and the woman you want to be.



Hu?  So am still typing this odd time of the night, even when I have exhausted the fuel that begat this post, then I think this shows how concern I am with your case, because I don’t want a situation whereby you will distribute all your goodies to those useless dudes in your street leaving an empty barrel for your future husband.

It’s quite obvious that I won’t be able to complete this post tonight because am still having other projects I need to attend to.
At this Junction, I will like to drop my pen and continue next week.
I bet you can’t afford to miss the next series because I will be unleashing some hidden treasure, so as to help you have a better home.

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