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 I have discovered 3 major reasons men have weak erection and ejaculate in less than  5 minutes.

And in this article I would outline these 3 major causes of weak erection and quick ejaculation

You would also get to know 3 foods you need to completely reduce or remove from your diet,these foods weakens your erection.

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Now lets get down to it .

The Root Cause of Your Sexual Problems:

When a man suffers from sexual problems like – Weak erections, premature ejaculation, Low sexual energy etc, these problems are USUALLY caused by the following

1.Poor diet and lack of exercise.

2.Stress and psychological problem

3.Excessive masturbation and pornography.


Lets get into them indepth.

Poor diet and lack of regular exercise routine;

In case you don’t know, erection is a result of blood flowing into your manhood.

Most men confuse going to work and stress with exercise, they think just because they leave home to work 8-5 that is enough exercise. Spending 10-15minutes everyday doing simple exercise at home can help your blood flow properly.

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Speaking of diet.

The 3 foods below should be reduced or total removed from your diet if you must get harder and stronger erection.

  1. Processed Carbohydrate
  2. Sugary foods/drinks
  3. Fried foods.


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