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You have by one means or the other stumble upon this page, and I will appreciate if you bookmark this site, because it will be of great help to you and your family/relationship in the nearest future.

Lol, I laugh at my headline;

You click on this link to this post probably because of my headline, right?

I promise to be sincere in this article….

Truly speaking, there is no place either online or offline where you can find EVERYTHING ABOUT RELATIONSHIP, just that there are certain places where you can get facts, tips and hidden truth about relationship, of which relationshipden.us is one of the best place to do that and this is the more reason I advise you to bookmark this site for future benefits.

Moreover, I won’t limit this topic to one page/post, I will love to divide it into three (3) series so as to enable us have the full knowledge of what relationship is all about.

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Now let’s move straight to the business of the day……



There is a special air blowing around, in this our contemporary world (most especially campus), the air is so strong that anywhere you get to; you either feel it or see it and this is the wind of RELATIONSHIP.

Being in in a relationship is not as hard as you taught; mind you – Relationships are not always easy if you lack the tools to engage properly with a partner and cannot show up in a healthy way, you will find your relationship is ten times harder and most likely prone to failure.



I wish I had known these things when I first started dating, as it would have made my life much easier.

Being in a relationship can be exciting, fun, and frustrating, all at the same time. NOTE: Relationships are not supposed to be difficult when you find the right person; they’re the easiest thing in the world.

But one of the things that give me concern these days is the rate at which our youth are falling in love; most youth of these days fall in the victim of falling into the wrong hand. Just because you liked the friend version of someone doesn’t mean you’ll like the relationship version of them. A good friend of mine came to my house last week, complaining about the sudden change of his girlfriend; this guy was like ‘She wasn’t like this before, I now don’t know what has gone over her

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Well, I gave him a nice solution to his problem.

PS: Relationship is all about give and take, if you have nothing to offer, don’t make the attempt of going into any form of relationship, else you will regret it because relationship is not meant for babes, but for matured minds. Be wise!


    I don’t know what just came over me few minutes ago, I don’t just feel like typing again, I think I have to go for other things in other to keep myself busy since am not into the habit of working around the street, meet me in the next series.

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