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Missing the gone love is a love story originally published by RelationshipNest admin.

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Missing The Gone Love Episode 6


After sorting her clothes and shoes for the interview, she remembered she hasn’t called her mom.

After three rings, her mom picked up the phone.

“Hi mom.”She said with a hint of happiness in her voice.

“Hello darling.” Her mom replied very happy to her daughter’s voice. “How was your trip? I hope you are not too exhausted?” Sarah asked.

“No mom, am fine.” Abigail replied. Before she could even ask about her babies, she heard Raphael voice. He was singing one of his rhymes. She smiled at that. She cannot deny that having her twins was the best thing that had ever happened to her. That night with Michael was never a mistake. She has never even stopped thinking about him either. “Mom how is Raphael and Rachael?” Abigail asked while smiling.

“They are fine dear. They miss you a lot. Rachael is asleep already but Raphael is still awake.” Abigail smiled at that. That is so like him. 2

“Raphael darling, Come and say hi to mummy.” Sarah said to the little boy.

“Mummy!!!” He exclaimed. His eyes as wide as saucers. He quickly put away the toy he was holding and ran towards his grandma and collected the phone from her.

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“Hello my sweet boy.” Abigail said from the other side.

“Mummy! Good evening mummy.” he said with his adorable baby voice.

Abigail smiled at that. Her almost four year old son was still struggling a bit with his words. “Good evening sweet heart. How’s my cute little boy doing?” Abigail asked with a smile on her face.

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“Fine mummy. Granma took us to the park today and I made new fwends.” Raphael told his mom.

Abigail could not contain her smile. She missed her twins a lot.

“That’s good dear. I hope you enjoyed yourself.” Abigail asked even though she was very sure that he would have.

“Yes mommy I did. I miss you mommy. Please come back soon mommy.” He said with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“I will my boy, very soon okay.” Abigail assured.

“Okay mommy. I love you.” Lawrence said.

It took a lot of control for Abigail to avoid crying. “I love you more my boy. Be good to Grandma and give your sister a kiss for me okay.” Abigail said.

“Okay mommy. Goodnight.” He said and passed the phone back to his grandma.

Abigail and Sarah talked a bit more and she promised to call her mom the next day after her interview. After the call, Abigail went straight to bed, hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

Sarah gave her grandson a bath and put him to bed of course that was after he gave his sister the kiss his mom told him to give her.



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Soon Enough, Abigail found herself sitting in front of the CEO of Damon Inc for her interview. She had made sure she arrived on time and had worn something simple and presentable.

“Have we seen each other before? You look very familiar”. Damon asked Abigail, giving her that familiar look.

“No Sir, I don’t think so”. Abigail chuckled.

There was no way she would have come across Damon himself. It is even very impossible. It is not as if she had ever met him at any charity events as she has never attended one. They are two different people from two different worlds. So their meeting was totally impossible.

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Missing The Gone Love Episode 6. Did you missed any Episode, read it HERE

“That’s strange”. Damon said still not convinced. He was damn sure he had actually seen her somewhere but cannot point out where exactly.3

“Alright then Miss Carson. Let’s get to work’’. Damon said with a business tone.

“Please call me Abigail. it’s fine by me”. She replied with a smile.

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“Okay Abigail. I have gone through your documents and am really impressed with your results even though you have no experience yet.” Damon said while looking at her and at the same time looking at her documents on the table. “Also i can see that you are 25 and a single mother of two. Why do you think you deserve a spot in our company” Damon asked after which he sat back comfortably on his chair and folded his arms listening to what she had to say.

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Abigail began. “I know I have no experience Mr. Grey. But I promise you, am a hard worker and ready to learn. I will make sure I do my best and ensure that things are done in the right way and at the right time. I will also make sure I contribute all that I can to make this company a success. It will also be a great privilege working here.” Abigail said after which she paused then continued. “I know am a single mother of two. I love my children so much and I promise you that they will not be an excuse for not performing my job effectively”. Abigail completed.

Damon was really impressed and her words won his heart. “To be honest Abigail, I’m really impressed and i think you will be suitable for this job. Congratulations Abigail, welcome to Damon inc. You are hired”. Damon said while stretching out his hand to give Abigail a shake.

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“Thank you so much Mr. Grey. Thank you. I’m so grateful”. Abigail replied with a wide smile. She was so happy she got the job. With this job, she had hope that she could provide her children with a better future.

“you are welcome Abigail. Just call me Damon. Mr. Grey makes me feel old. Common, am just a few years older than you, Feel free to call me Damon.” Damon said.

“Noted”. Abigail replied.

“So Abigail, We also make sure our staffs are comfortable while working here. So we are going to give you an apartment along with an official car. Of course you and your children will have a free health care and your children’s tuition will also be sponsored by the company.” Damon said.

Abigail could not believe this. This is a huge miracle. “Thank You so much Damon. Thank you.” Abigail said as she tries not to get emotional.

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“It’s fine Abigail. So since today is Thursday, You have the day off tomorrow and you can use the weekend to settle into the new apartment. Will that okay be you?” Damon asked her.

“Yes it is. I guess I will have to leave for my home town very early tomorrow morning to go get the twins.” Abigail said.

“Oh don’t worry about that.” Damon said while waving his hands. “I will allow you go with the company’s jet. The pilot will take you and bring you back.’’ He completed.

“Can I ask a question?” Abigail spoke.

“Sure.”Damon answered.

“Are you…..


To be continued…

Missing The Gone Love Episode 6. Did you missed any Episode, read it HERE

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