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Missing The Gone Love Episode 4

When Sarah went out of the bathroom, Abigail pulled off her clothes to take a shower. After her quick shower, she looked at herself in the mirror and caressed her still flat belly. A smile formed on her lips. Even though she’s just a month pregnant, she already loved the baby growing inside her.

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“Mummy loves you baby.” She said to her unborn child.

After eating dinner, Sarah filled Abigail up with what have been happening in the community since her last visit. Abigail also confessed to her mom about her working to save up for her surgery and not her college. Hence, she told her mom they would be going to the hospital the next day. Sarah couldn’t be more proud of her daughter. Sarah asked her daughter if she ever intends on telling Michael about his child.

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Abigail said she does not think so. Michael despised her so much and she does not think he will want anything to do with the baby.

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……5 Years Later…….. 


A lot has occurred during this five year period.

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After Sarah’s surgery…..


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To be Continued……

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