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Missing the gone love is a love story originally written and published by RelationshipNest admin. 

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Missing The Gone Love Episode 1 

After James dropped Abigail in front of the mansion, she went straight to Mr. Williams study. She knew the couples will be there by this time of the day, doing one work or the other.

Finally finding the courage to knock:  “Yes, come in.”  was what she heard from the other side.

Abigail gently opened the door and she saw Sandra and Stanley sitting on the couch laughing over what Stanley was showing her on his I pad.

Sandra noticed that Abigail’s face is red and she had stains of dried tears on her cheeks. Feeling very worried, she stood up and approached Abigail.

“Sweetheart, is anything the matter? What did the doctor say? ’’ Sandra asked Abigail with a worried voice.

Hearing so much concern and love in Sandra’s voice, Abigail started crying again. Guilt was washing over her. These people have showed her nothing but love since she started working for them. And this is how she could repay them: by sleeping with their son and getting pregnant.

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“NO, Mrs. Williams, everything is fine. It is just a bug and the doctor gave me some medicines.” Abigail said.  She half lied but the doctor had given her prenatal vitamins anyways.

“Oh Abigail my dear”, you scared me. Sandra said after which she took Abigail’s hand in hers and they both sat down on another couch which was facing Robert.

Turning her attention to Abigail, Sandra asked. “. Then why are you crying if everything is okay or is there anything you are not telling me?”

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Missing The Gone Love Episode 1

Missing The Gone Love Episode 1

“Hmmm,  yes. I just want to let you know that i will no longer be working here”. Abigail whispered.

Sandra was surprised and disappointed at the same time. She loves Abigail so much and did not fail to notice the sparks that went on between her and her son, Michael. She knew there was some kind of chemistry between them which they ignored and she hoped her son will stop being a coward and approach her one day. Until few weeks back when her son started behaving weird and he insisted that he wanted to go for his masters. Little did she know that they have broken the rules.

Missing The Gone Love. Did you missed any Episode, read it HERE

” Abigail ?, Sandra called her name. Look at me, she said. Is anyone making you feel uncomfortable here? You know you can always talk to me about anything”. Sandra completed.

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“No ma. It’s just that my mom is sick and she has no one to take care of her.” Abigail answered.

Sandra still felt Abigail was hiding something. But she could not force her to stay against her will. She immediately pulled her into a hug and whispered into her ear. “I am going to miss you Abigail. If you ever need anything don’t forget to call me okay”. Sandra said with a sad smile on her face.

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Abigail could not help with the tears that rolled down her cheeks. “Hormones, she thought to herself.”


Sandra broke the hug and used her thumb to wipe away Abigail’s tears who was still sniffing.

While Abigail and Sandra were saying their goodbyes, Stanley took out his cheque book, wrote out a sum and handed it over to Abigail. Abigail received the cheque and her eyes were wide as saucers.

“Don’t be surprised Abigail. You have been a very good girl and have served this household well. So apart from your salary, you can use the rest to take care of your mom”. Stanley said.

“Thank you so much Mr. Williams. Thank you. I really appreciate.” Abigail said.

Stanley just smiled at Abigail and gave her a hug.

Missing The Gone LoveDid you missed any Episode, read it HERE

After saying her good bye to the Williams, Abigail went to the maid quarters and started packing her load. Luckily for her….


To Be Continued… 

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