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Ladies And Challenges Of Relationship Series One (1) 

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There is a special air blowing around, in this our contemporary world (most especially campus), the air is so strong that any where you get to, you either feel it or see it and this is the wind of RELATIONSHIP.

At times, I begin to wonder if being in relationship is the utmost thing in life, but as time goes on I realized that there is more to life than being desperate to be engaged, being in relationship is not a sin, but majority of our ladies go into relationship with wrong motives, and I’ve noticed that most relationship on campus are as a result of pressure, desperate, infatuation, feelings, match making and son on, which is a very wrong foundation to build a relationship on, if the foundation is bad, I wonder what the righteous will do.

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When you are going into a relationship as a lady, you need to ask yourself the question WHY? There so many reasons why some ladies go into relationship, it maybe loneliness, depression, unhappiness, desperacy and so on, but always remember that when ever you are in a relationship, you are either on your way to failure of to success. If you want to play game with your future, go into relationship with a wrong motives, you will face the consequences later in life.

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  1. Desperate Ladies: These are ladies that are consumed about being engaged to just any body. This is the attitude which of most ladies that think age is no longer on their side.

If you are desperate, you may fall into the wrong hand and it will surely tell in your future. Making engagement your ultimate goal in life leads to lost of integrity and loss of focus. Be anxious for nothing with prayer and supplication with thanks giving; place everything before God and he will surely see you through.

  1. Ladies with Low Self Esteem: Those are people who do not know their worth, they have inferiority complex, they don not see anything good in themself, they feel every body hates them, so they withdraw themselves.
  2. Depressed And Lonely Ladies: Most ladies are in one relationship or the other all because they want to solve the problem of loneliness and depression. They think being engage is the solution, but at the end they find out that their problem grow worse. The fact is that if you are not happy while you are still single relationship can’t make you happy, it has the potential of compounding your problem is not singleness but loneliness, which you have to work on, relate with people around, and make yourself happy always. If you go into relationship all because you are unhappy or lonely, you bring loneliness and depression into the life of other partner, because it is what you have that you give.
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NOTE: Relationship is not meant for babes, but for matured minds. It is not for those that don’t have anything to give because relationship is about give and take. It involves loving your partner, caring for him and a joint effort toward fulfilling destiny.

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