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5 Signs That He Still Thinks About His Ex

The trick is in trying to figure out if your man is still hung over his ex or not. You don’t have to wait for him to tell you so, because chances are, he’s never going to admit it. You… Continue Reading →

How To Approach And Talk To A Girl For The First Time

I know you are here probably because of that slay queen. Well, you are currently on the right page. Few days back, I was on Facebook when I saw this young guy’s post saying “Guys please How Can I Approach… Continue Reading →

9 Things Ladies Do To Test If A Guy Truly Loves Her

The screening exercise guys undergo to win a lady’s heart is like when an eyeball go through a needle. The thesis, vocabulary, eloquence, and wooing skills of the guy must be sharp and precise. However the aforementioned attributes is pleasing… Continue Reading →

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