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5 Reasons to Keep Your Emotions Under Control in Love Matters

Great Decisions Are Rarely Made While Emotional Think about it. When was the last time you made an emotional decision and it turned out to be the best decision? My guess is rarely, if at all. We all have been… Continue Reading →

10 ways to heal a broken heart

• ACCEPT THE PAIN Accept that you will have to go through some pain. It is an unavoidable truth that if you loved enough to be heartbroken, you have to experience some suffering. When you lose something that mattered to… Continue Reading →

10 quality of a good man

1. A good man will never pick apart your looks. “Oh, if only your hair was a little longer.” “If only you lost those couple of extra pounds.” “If you would only wear more makeup.” A good man will never… Continue Reading →

10 signs he still loves you

1. He reveres the traditions you share. This can be anything from a standing date night, to the understanding that you two split up at Costco to get double the samples. If he finds these traditions important, it means he’s… Continue Reading →

Advantages of kiss in relationship

1. Kissing lowers stress. It decreases the stress hormone cortisol and increases serotonin levels in the brain. Kissing has also been measured to lower anxiety and has similar benefits to meditation. 2. Kissing makes us happier . It improves our… Continue Reading →

10 ѧԀνѧňţѧɢєs oғ mѧяяıѧɢє

1. Longer life A risk of mortality of married couples is twice lower than that of unmarried couples. When you have a sweetheart and a family, you take better care of yourself, avoid taking unnecessary risks and live a longer,… Continue Reading →

9 benefit of sex during pregnancy

1. An easier labor and recovery Having an orgasm increases the contractions in your pelvic floor, which help to strengthen the muscles you’ll need for labor and after delivery. “Once you’ve pushed your baby through those muscles, they’ll have an… Continue Reading →

10 causes of divorce in relationship

1. Infidelity Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriages that end in divorce. The reasons why people cheat aren’t as cut and dry as our anger may lead us to believe. Anger and resentment are common underlying… Continue Reading →

7 truth about guys

  1)they talk softly when they are Corning 2)can never love one girl 3)deceivers and heart breakers 4)talented in lying 5)stamina in confusing girls 6)like sex more than love 7)they fear pregnancy and love unprotected sex  

12 things that will make your relationship last

1)respect 2)honest 3)be obedient 4)love your partner as if he/she is ur breakfast 5)don’t stress your partner 6)always make him/her happy 7)be helpful to each other 8) let he/she feel free when she/he was with you 9) show him/her all… Continue Reading →

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