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I have heard people ask, ‘is it right for a girl to be the first to give a guy her phone number? If a guy can give a girl his phone number, then why can’t a girl give out her phone number to a guy?

There is nothing wrong with a girl giving her phone number to a guy who she is interested in. when you shy away from your emotions and feelings, you will only leave yourself depressed.

Some persons look down on girls who give guys their numbers; they feel that they are cheap and desperate. But that is not so. There are smart ways to give a guy your number without looking desperate before the guy. When giving some guy your phone number, be sure that you are giving it to the right person and that is why you need to be security conscious.

6 Systematic Ways To Give A Guy Your Phone Number

6 Systematic Ways To Give A Guy Your Phone Number

But why can’t I wait for the guy to request for my number before giving it to him? The truth here is there are some guys who are shy to do so. You don’t blame them; that’s probably their nature. And waiting on them to ask for your number is like waiting for the kingdom of heaven to come down. You just need to pull off any form of pride and hand him over your number. And like I said, don’t act desperate; do it smartly and if you can follow these smart tips on how to give a guy your number, you will thank me later.

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1. Get a business card

This is very important as it will be useful in my subsequent point. When you have a card with your phone number and name on it, it won’ be hard giving a guy your phone number. Get your card well designed with some love symbols around your name. In that way, it will look nice and captivating.

2. Offer to help

If you are confident about your feelings and want to give out your number, you need to be tactical about doing that. One tactical way is to offer a helping hand to him. What do I mean by this? If you see this guy struggling to life up an object, you can possibly meet him and ask to help him. If you also find him doing a tedious assignment like a mathematical problem, you can ask him to call you so that you can help him out on that. In that way, he will surely request for your number and that is when you will give it to you without looking desperate.

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3. Pick up his phone

If you probably got the chance to meet with him, get his phone and save your number there. When doing this, be smart. Don’t just snatch the phone from his hand; that is wrong and no guy wants his privacy to be invaded. That will look offensive and that is why you need to act smart and fast. You can start by admiring his phone. Lure him into showing you the pictures on his phone. From there, you can have the chance to save your contact on his phone. But after you must have done this, tell him, so he will know that your contact is in his phone-book.

4. Old fashion still works

What is the old fashion here? A girl gets the guy’s hand and writes her phone number on his palm. Sounds funny, but its also romantic and one way to make him fall for you. Even though there are phones now, you can still try out this tip.

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5. Make him request for it

If he tells you about a party that he wants to attend and wants you to come with him, you can use this opportunity to ask him if he has your phone number in order to keep in touch with you. If he does not have it, he will be prompted to ask for it and in that way, you have successfully given him your number.

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6. Cunning moves

Believe me; you need to take this tip serious if you really need to give a guy your number. Pretend that your phone seems not to be going through for some hours or days now and ask him to try using his phone to call you. When you ask him, he will then request for your phone number. You can even pretend to be looking for your phone.

There is no shying away from the interest you have for a guy. If you love him, go for him with these tips I have just highlighted on smart ways to give a guy your phone number.

Try these and see how it will work out for you.

If you love this, why not let me know your thought via the comment box and don’t forget that sharing is caring.


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