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Today, I will be sharing with you 10 common sexual errors you must know, and try to avoid.

There are certain things that goes on during sexual intercourse that we do not pay any attention to due to the excitement or eagerness to get business done. Some of these errors can put us in danger or even cause death if care is not taken.

10 common sexual errors you must know

10 common sexual errors you must know

1. During sexual intercourse some guys realise that the penis is a bit dry and getting it back in may cause friction and lead to pain for the woman so they use their palm to collect saliver and rub it on the penis which has already made contact with vaginal fluid and repeat the process of using their palm covered with the vaginal fluid again in their mouth. If the woman is infected then the man or the person can pick the infection orally.

2. In the course of foreplay or romance, the guy touches the clitoris with the finger and even inside the vagina and in some cases put saliver on the finger and go back inside and repeat the process. Similarly to the above, infection is possible.

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3. Even if a man is putting on the condom but go in for the woman on top position, he can get infected if the woman is. The reason is that when the woman is on top, her vaginal fluid will drip on the condom and get to the scrotum and groin of the man and if there is any cut or opening, he can get infected.

4. If it’s man on top but you have no clue of the woman’s infection status then the guy must not go rough or hit hard in terms of thrusting. The problem is that, the condom covers only the shaft of the penis but not the scrotum so the scrotum will be hitting on the perineum where there will be vaginal fluid and if it’s infected then the man can get infected.

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5. Cowgirl position if done vigorously can cause penile fracture. This is because with this position it’s the woman who is in charge or control and all her weight is on the penis. If the penis is not well positioned, she wouldn’t know and will continue with it leading to the fracture.

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6. Having anal sex and without washing the penis putting it in the vagina can lead to infection as the penis will pick germs from the anus into the vagina.

7. Having a BJ immediately after anal sex can also lead to infection in the mouth as the penis will pick germs and the woman puts it in her mouth.

8. The vagina is one place that cannot tolerate germs in any form or kind. How many people wash their hands before using their finger to touch the clitoris, the labia majora and minora as well as the other genitalia? Germs can easily be introduced if hands are not clean. The fingernails easily trap germs and the palm may have touched so many things.

9. Some guys practice withdrawal or coitus interruptus and when they ejaculate, they pour it in between the breast and start rubbing it in. Some also ask the lady to open her mouth and they pour it there. Some ladies even swallow the semen. If the man is infected then infection is possible if there is any route or opening or cut around the breast or chest and in the mouth.

10. Some guys are too raw and unromantic such that when they get the opportunity to have sex, the first thing they do is to take off the pant and just start forcing their penis into the vagina. This will surely lead to friction and cause pain for the lady. Learn to work her in or have foreplay to get her in the mood for sex….we all know beating about the bush is not cool but the bedroom is an exception that you need and must beat about the bush before entering into the bush.Feel free to reach me @ fabulouzsammy123 for any questions or comment below

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